GROUP ACCOMMODATION in St. Petersburg: foreign tourists, students, teams, musicians, actors, collectives, fans

Are you coming to St. Petersburg with a big company? Traveling with a group of friends? Are you a representative of the Student Organization, Dance, Music Collective? Are you looking where to place Athletes, Actors, Musicians?


We have a huge experience accommodating groups and we know exactly what they need! We are also open for cooperation with the organizers of any cultural, sport and other events in St. Petersburg.
Red House Hostel accepts not only individual tourists, but also corporate groups. We have hosted all categories of groups. Among them are tourist groups, sports teams, dance groups, filmmakers, students, car and bike travelers, schoolchildren, professional groups coming for different kinds of trainings, conferences: doctors, hairdressers, engineers, bartenders, servicemen, etc. Family groups and groups of friends.
The hostel staff is ready to provide any necessary assistance to its guests in a high-quality and fast manner. If guests need additional services: catering, excursions, transfer, booking tickets – we will be happy to help you.

We have discounts for groups:
Groups up to 5 people — 5% discount
Groups up to 10 people — 10% discount
We are ready to discuss discounts individually for each group! Flexible system of bonuses!

Accommodation for tourist groups

We believe that St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is attractive at any time of the year. Our Red House Hostel is always glad to host any tourist group. We are happy when the hostel has a lot of guests, when they get to know each other, communicate, have fun together.

Accommodation for groups of foreign tourists

Guests from more than 70 countries of the world stayed with us and, we hope, all of them were satisfied. Our hostel realize the responsibility when we accommodate foreign tourists. We are responsible for the safety and comfort of our guests. The staff of the hostel speaks English. We are ready to hold for our guests evenings of questions and answers on the history and current situation of Russia or a fun party. You can cook your own food on the kitchen equipped with everything you need.
The hostel provides visa support, as well as registration of foreign citizens.

Accommodation for football and music fans

FIFA 2018

We are waiting to see you here for 2018 FIFA World Cup
There is much more fun to watch matches together in a good company!

St. Petersburg is one of the cultural and sport capitals of the world. There are unimaginable number of festivals, contests, concerts, competitions, matches, etc. here. Thousands and thousands of fans of art and sports come here to watch them. We share their affection and feelings. We are waiting for them to visit us. We also collect sports and music accessories, we will be happy to exchange or replenish our collection.

Accommodation for sports teams

Sports teams are another category of groups that will find everything you need in our hostel: the responsiveness and care of our staff, the atmosphere of coziness and comfort, the possibility of relaxation and silence.

Accommodation for students

Students are our future. They are inquisitive, emotional, spontaneous. We are happy to provide accessories and nice spots for interesting photos, a library, games and our hospitality. Accommodation is in accordance with their requirements.

Accommodation for creative and dance groups, artists, musicians

Creative and dance groups is also belong to the category of our favorite guests. People of art can communicate and discuss their creative plans in our spacious hall. They can dance, warm up, stretch, have photo shoots. Historical value is represented by the building itself, where the hostel is located.

Accommodation for bikers, cyclists

We really like autotravelers, cyclists, bikers. They are courageous, unpretentious, humorous people. We assist them in locating transport, we surround them with care and respect.

Accommodation for groups of professionals

Professional groups come to St. Petersburg with the main goal – professional development. They are loaded in the daytime, they require peace and quiet during the day and night. We strive to allocate them for living separate rooms, provide the opportunity for recreation and attention.