Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When you stay at the Red House Hostel you enter a community designed to bring people together. There are shared spaces where you can meet and get to know travelers from all over the world. Comfortable, welcoming common areas to sit, relax and connect, kitchen and dining areas to prepare a meal and eat with new friends, and fun activities and events that bring travelers and the community together to inspire a deeper understanding of the people that you meet and the place that you are visiting.

Because it’s a lot of fun! You will meet a lot of people from all over the world!
It’s safe! When you come to a new country of a city sometimes you don’t know how to act, what to expect, where to go, where to buy a sim card, exchange money, where to eat etc. We will tell you everything and give you all necessary information.
You don’t have to think about anything!
Hostel is located right in the center of St Petersburg, you even don’t need to use a public transport.
We have everything what you might need during your stay.

There is no ‘typical’ Red House hostel rooms – each hostel room is unique and has its own personality and style. The common theme is the quality of the accommodations for our travelers.
Guests can choose dormitory style accommodation.. Beds are typically bunk style and very comfortable, with free secure storage, charging stations and, of course, free WiFi! If you are traveling with friends and want to stay together we can try and make sure that happens. Our hostel often have a variety of different sized dorms, so when you book you can choose the room type that suits you best!

Red House Hostel is a youth hostel. While the majority of our hostel guests are between 18 and 30 years of age, we welcome visitors of all ages.
A parent, legal guardian or an adult leader of an organized group must accompany all hostel guests under 18 years of age.

Red House hostel is affordable to allow more people to travel. You have a chance to live in the center of gorgeous St Petersburg for a very small price and feel yourself like a local, using all advantages of staying in the center.

Prices are different. From 300 rub to 700 rub  per night for a dorm bed. It depends on a season, day of a week etc. Rates vary by dorms and can increase during special events, so please start your travel planning here.

This is a good question! Summer is always a great time to travel, but can be too crowded, you will need to stay in lines to museums, cafes are busy, prices are high.
In Spring St Petersburg hosts an enormous number of events you would like to see and visit, there are many holidays and festivals (read about everything in ‘News’)! The weather is nice and it’s not too hot.
Autumn is also a beautiful season, but might be a bit rainy; just take an umbrella with you and some good shoes.
In Autumn and Winter you can save some money, because prices for everything are much lower, but St Petersburg is still gorgeous and full of fun and events!
During Christmas and New Year time you will be amazed by festivity and Christmas lights, trees and great and mass celebrations! If you want to find out what is a real party in Russian style and how people celebrate New Year come here in Winter!
There are always a lot to do in St Petersburg. During warm months you can spend more time outside and lay on the grass in parks, explore beautiful Russian nature, go camping, do some water sports or horse riding, rooftop and boat tours etc. In winter season you can focus on museums, visit the best theaters for a smaller price (by the way, our best theaters are closed in summer), spend time in cool and cosy bars and cafes, do outside ice skating!
Anyway, we are always here for you to help and give some recommendations, never mind if it’s summer or winter =)

Red House Hostel is International hostel. We host people from all over the world! They meet each other here, hang out together, explore the city and party. St Petersburg and the Hostel full of foreigners in May, June, July, August, September.

If you come here during the low season you should expect to see more Russian tourists, because unfortunately St Petersburg is not the most popular destination for a winter time. We hope it will change soon! So you will have a chance to meet Russian people from different parts of the country, they are very open, they love meeting new people. Even if some of them won’t be able to speak English, they will always find a way how to communicate with you.

We are very friendly, even if it doesn’t seem like from the first sight =) You will have an opportunity to get to know Russian culture and traditions better, party with Russians and pick up some useful words for a further travelling around the country

It’s a typical European weather. Summer is hot and mostly sunny. But the weather also might change during the day, so be prepared to wear few types of clothes, like a T-shirt, but keep you cardigan with you in the bag for an evening walk.
Autumn is a bit fresh and rainy. Don’t forget your umbrella and good shoes, better waterproof. Winter can be different. Half of it feels like a typical European Fall-Winter, because St Petersburg is a European part of Russia, but there are also could be few days of cold (minus 5-15 C). So check the Forecast before you go and take some warm sweaters, shoes and coats! If you forget something or will have a desire to buy something new or fashionable, we will show you where to buy staff for a good price near the hostel

We are right in the heart of St Petersburg.

5 min walk from the Nevsky prospect. 20 min walk to the Hermitage. We are located by the river, famous Michailovsky castle and beautiful old building of the Circus. There are about 15 bars and restaurants in our street, few supermarkets working for 24 hours. You won’t be bored here and you won’t need to use a public transport! Everything what you need is in the walking distance.

1) Think of places you want to visit (for example popular route: St Petersburg-Moscow-Baikal lake by train or St Petersburg – Karelia; or Kamchatka, Vladivostok, Sakhalin Island, Sochi. Nature is amazing in Russia, there are so many places like nowhere in the world! Check it out or ask us for advice)
2) Make a plan (you will need to show it in an embassy)
3) Book Red House Hostel
4) Go to ‘Visa Help’ (if you don’t have friends or a family in Russia and get your invitation with us!)
5) Book a flight/ a ferry or a bus (if you are in Europe)
6) Book hostels in other cities in Russia
7) Go to Russian Consulate or an Embassy
8) Pack your backpack
9) Be ready for adventures, be ready to spend an unforgettable time in our friendly and interesting country, be ready to break some stereotypes!

Questions from other travelers

A lot of our guests are solo travelers, and they choose Red House Hostel because we have free events and tours designed to not only let you explore the destination, but also meet other guests. Many lifelong friendships start in hostels!

Although not required, hostel reservations are always advised to avoid disappointment, particularly during the summer months and holidays. Reservations are always recommended for groups.

Yes, the Red House Hostel offers a kitchen that hostellers are welcome to use. It’s a good opportunity to save some money and spend them on extra museums, tours or souvenirs.

Our kitchen is typically equipped with basic cooking utensils including pots, pans, and dishes, and a place to store your food. Our Hostel kitchen and dining area are a great meeting place where you can prepare a meal and eat with new friends, or sit around and talk with fellow travelers comparing travel notes.

Yes. According to the law, every foreigner visitor has to do the registration upon arrival. You won’t need to go anywhere to make it, we will do it for you. It costs 200 rubles and you are all set and won’t have any troubles leaving the country or with a police.

What should I bring with me to stay in the hostel?

You will need a slippers or a flip-flops, because Red House hostel is a home for travelers, it’s cozy and must be clean, that’s why we ask our guests to take of their shoes. You might need a shampoo and a shower gel, also a phone charger
If you forget any of these items you will be able to buy them in the hostel
Hair-dryer, towels are always free
Just don’t forget your passport! =)

You will need a slippers or a flip-flops, because Red House hostel is a home for travelers, it’s cozy and must be clean, that’s why we ask our guests to take of their shoes. You might need a shampoo and a shower gel, also a phone charger
If you forget any of these items you will be able to buy them in the hostel
Hair-dryer, towels are always free
Just don’t forget your passport! =)