A lot of interesting bars and clubs are scattered throughout the city, but there are few streets where night and bar life are concentrated! Do you want to know about them? This list is for you!

Belinkogo street

— intellectuals, artists, musicians

A small street, but it seems to have absorbed all the life! People of art are drawn here, the St. Petersburg intelligentsia listens to jazz and talks about the high topics in the famous “The Hat” bar. After every 3 meters you will bump into the entrance to the next bar. Just have a pub crawl around: stop for a shot, a glass of wine or beer in each of them. We really love the ‘Terminal bar’, ‘Farsh and Bochka’ and ‘Pinch’.

If you want something more like a club – on the next Liteiny Prospect, you will find the Union, Nebar and the Ugly Coyote – the audience there is a little bit different, but you can survive =)

The courtyard near Church on the Savior on Spilled Blood

- fashion-mongers, techno and jazz

This trendy place is very popular among young people because of it’s super parties and excellent music. Here you can meet local stylish people, dance all night and listen some great techno. Famous clubs of this courtyard: ‘Mosaiqu’e and the ‘Tanzploshadka’; a little aside you will find ‘Mod Club’, ‘Akakao’ and the famous jazz club “Dom 7”. Here life boils every weekend, and almost every day in summer

Dumskaya street

— legendary and crazy

There are different opinions about this place. There are true fans of this quarter, they grew up there, spent all their young years, partying in those bars, but still keep coming here being much older. Some people say that this is ugly places for poor rockers and avoid this street. Foreigners go crazy there! They and  some fun people enjoy dancing there with Black Eyed Peace music, get the spirit of parties in Russian style until the sunrise, they sing rock hits in karaoke, dance on bar counters, try popular “Boyarsky”shots and drink cheap beer! We were there many times with our tourists and we had fun! We think that everyone should see it and try at least ones! Legendary bars: ‘Fidel’, ‘Dacha’, ‘Lomonosov’, ‘Belgrade’, ‘Poison Rock’n’Roll Bar’, Gay-bars ‘Blue Oyster’ and ‘Central Station’

Rubinshteina Street

- classic

Theaters, restaurants, bars, coffee houses and magnificent buildings. Dozens of establishments are located on this historic street! You will find everything here !!! From cozy coffee houses and expensive restaurants to a karaoke bar with cheap beer and McDonald’s. If locals do not have the mood to come up with an original place to meet friends, they just meet on Rubinstein street and pick one the bars. Personally, we love “Saigon”, it’s very nice, you can try interesting cocktails and listen to live music, “Beergeek” is a tiny place, but with a huge amount of varied and delicious beer. “Fiddlers green”, “Crazy wine”, “Punk Brew”, “Barslona”, “Bekitzer”, “Mollies Pub” and many others – great places to spend a nice evening with friends or meet new people! Just have a pub crawl like all local do and check out all of them

Fontanka 20

— loft and hipsters

This is not a club place, but very cool! Perfect for pre-party. Here in the courtyard on the territory of Golitzin Loft you will find about 20 different establishments: cafes, restaurants, bars. It’s always very noisy, fun and not so expensive, you can find a place to your taste. We also know one place where you can order a glass of champagne for only 150 rubles (2$) and sit on the balcony with amazing view to Fontanka river and Mikhailovsky Castle!

Krestovsky Island (in the summer)

expensive, rich

Luxury place. Several fancy clubs are located at the Gulf of Finland on the Petrovskaya Kosa in the open air. There you can swim all night in the pool, dance on the sand; famed DJs, beautiful and famous people come there. Prices there are not low, entrance fee, but usually till 12 it is free for girls. Of course, in those clubs there is Face Control, you have to look great to get in, especially if you are a guy: no sneakers or shorts. If you like clubs or want to have some beautiful photos from cool photographers, you’ll like it there. The only negative thing, be careful: bridges drawing in the night, and Krestovsky is another island, so you must hang out until the morning, until the subway or bridges are opened.