River cruises and boat trips

Do not think that this is a banal tourist entertainment! The city must be seen from different angles. From the water, it looks even more amazing and mysterious! You can take a boat both during the day and at night, while drawing bridges! Boats are different: just sightseeing tours, speed boats, music ferries, where you can listen to live music with a glass of champagne, and … even nightclubs on the water! You can combine a party with a tour along the Neva River! Just imagine: night, lights, water, beautiful people, great music, photographers, free bar and St. Petersburg! What could be more beautiful?

Watch the drawbridges opening

You will ask us, well, what’s so special about this, what’s the big deal? And we will tell you that this is an amazing tradition both among the guests of the city and among the citizens of St. Petersburg. Take a thermos with tea or some wine, come to the Neva with a good company, take beautiful photos and listen to the classical music accompanying the rising bridges! This is truly a magical action!

Get at least on one roof

What could be better than seeing the city from a height? Of course, we definitely suggest you to go up to the colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, from where you can see a magnificent view of the city; visit a few fashionable cafes on the roof, witch is also a very popular thing to do, but we think that you can not leave Petersburg without a real rooftop experience! After all, this is a real adventure and what citizens of StP like to do in their everyday life. Unfortunately, the government or residents of buildings in the center lately have started to close the roofs, and finding the ones that are opened by yourself is no longer as easy as it was a couple of years ago. Therefore, professional roofers organize roof tours now, both individual and group! If you come with a company of friends, you can even organize a picnic on the roof with your food and drinks or have a romantic date with your soul mate! From the roof you can also see the dawning of the bridges or the fireworks on one of a festive day.

Visit all the hipster places in St. Petersburg

We assume that all hipster spots can not be seen during a short stay, there are too many of them here, but at least you need to try. Europeans coming to St. Petersburg say that they haven’t seen more hipster and youth city than St Petersburg; even Berlin seems to be fading against our Northern Capital. There is everything: lofts, clubs in garages, thousands of cool bars, anti-cafes, quest rooms, showrooms, endless exhibitions and cinemas in the home style, showing films in the original language. By the way, locals usually come by bicycles to such places. There is always a hard choice infront of people from St Petersburg: where to go on their day off. There are a lot of beautiful, interesting, entertaining or educational events every day! Exhibitions, master classes, lectures, concerts, parties! Probably, therefore, it is so difficult to focus on work in this city.

Go to a city event

Russians know how to celebrate in on a grand scale, like no one! In St. Petersburg, of course, people are also fond of city events! They are always massively and fun! New Year, Christmas, Victory Day, Birthday of St Petersburg, Scarlet Sails … Fireworks, all kinds of entertainment, songs and dances on the streets, a laser show and a pleasant atmosphere are provided. On such days, government usually blocks the Nevsky Prospekt and all guests and residents of the city are walking along the wide avenue and nearby streets! You will hear a lot of street musicians around which young people gather and sing with them. Along Nevsky there are scenes on which various actions take place, collectives perform, and usually well-known performers on the Palace Square and grandiose shows are organized! What can we say about the Scarlet Sails! This is an inexpressibly beautiful sight, the atmosphere in the city is very festive, the main thing is to find a good place from which everything will be visible and not mix with the crowd! In the summer time it is especially pleasant to visit such events, after the show you can always sit with friends in the park, lie on the grass on the Mars Fields or go to the classy bar on the roof or on the bay. The city also tries to surprise with original events: such as viewing cartoons of the rised wing of the Bridge or a light projection on the facade of the Winter Palace or “Opera for All” – a free concert with the stars of the world opera or classical music nights in parks etc. Be sure! You will find a lot of amazing events and unforgettable impressions!

Do you need more details, want to know specific places? Our administrators will be happy to share this information with you!