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Red House Hostel – Hostel in European style on Nevsky Saint Petersburg

All foreign visitors to Russia will need to get a 'Tourist Visa'. To get a Tourist Visa you will need to buy a 'Tourist Invitation Letter' (also known as a 'Tourist Voucher'), which we will supply for you. This will cost $29.90 (the cheapest available price anywhere). Here is the Buddy Bear Hostel 3 Step Simple Guide to getting a Russian Tourist Visa.

Step 1

Buy Your Tourist Visa Invitation Letter from the order link below. This will cost $29.90 for one day processing or $34.90 for immediate processing. Your Tourist Invitation will be issued by email.

Step 2

Take the following to your nearest Russian Consulate; 1.) A printed copy of Your Visa Invitation Letter 2.) One passport sized photo of yourself 3.) The Russian Consulate Processing fee (see consulate for prices) 4.) Your passport 5.) A completed Russian Consulate Application form.

Step 3

Pick up your Passport with the newly inserted Russian Visa. Check the Visa dates are those you requested. Now you are ready to visit Russia!

Please note you must order from our ORDER LINK only, to have Buddy Bear Hostel Moscow as your accommodation destination.

Important Notes

Tourist visas are only valid for a maximum of 30 days and cannot be extended. If you wish to stay in Russia for longer than one month you will need a Business visa. You don't need to be a business to apply for this. You can not change the dates for the invitation once it has been issued, if you are unsure of the length of time you will stay in Russia, put the maximum 30 days. Russian Consulate prices vary from country to country and operate on a sliding scale policy, i.e. if you want your visa in a shorter time you will pay more money for it. Some Russian Consulates, e.g. London, operate a postal service which saves you time queuing at the the consulate.

Visa Registration

Please note that you must register your visa for every new city that you visit in Russia within 24 hours of your arrival if staying in a hotel or a hostel - and 3 days if staying with a friend or family member. All hostels in Russia will charge a fee to register your visa (as it involves a lot of paperwork and the documents wll have to be couriered, processed and returned to the visa holder). In Moscow the price for visa registration is 750 roubles and it takes one business day to process. At Buddy Bear Hostel Hostel we charge 750 roubles for the visa registration in hostel. Extending visa registration is not charged.